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Nice to meet you!

Thank you for spending your time to check out more about me. Now to be honest I hate talking about myself and I get it if you do not want to read my entire story. All you need to know is I am a coach not only through years of education but years of my own trials and tribulations. Alongside being an part-time skateboarder, and full time father & husband, I just really love and want to use my knowledge to help all those I come in contact with. Now if you want to read some more please be my guest and continue on below. Although I hate talking about myself I do have quite the story to tell!


All About Me

From a young skateboarder to the military, to now being a coach/personal trainer for the past 7 years, my goal has always been to bring joy to the lives of those around me. 


My wellness coaching & sports performance journey started due to my own trials and tribulations. One that really changed everything was when I got so injured in the military, I couldn't even pick up my son who was only 1 years old at the time. Long story short, I blew out my SI joint and was now bone on bone. 


After rounds of shots, therapy, and even acupuncture, I was now non-deployable, and off I was. 20 years old, a wife, and a 1-year-old son I had to provide for with no plan. What did I do? Found the most pivotal thing in my life. My functional medicine doctor. See, after only 6 MONTHS of working with him, I was able to pick my son up, do all the chores around the house, train, and my favorite was being able to ride my skateboard again. This sparked a desire to know as much as I can about how we as humans can go from something like how I was, to where I am now with no assistance from medications or surgeries.


This led to me getting multiple certifications from different fields such as biomechanics, nutrition, mindset, human health, and gut health to name a few. I have spent time working in commercials gyms, and even with the staff, students, and athletes at Hamline University as I went through my Exercise Science Degree. To this day I seek new knowledge and continue to apply all I have learned.


Being a coach has given me the tools to do what I know I am here to do in every interaction I have with my clients. Whether it is within the session that day, or during the week within something we have been working on, my clients are always reaching new limits and realizing new joys of life along the way.


Now, this is not possible without the client, so please know, I am the knowledge gap for you all to use to fill YOUR toolbox. Get the tools you need to build UNBREAKABLE FOUNDATIONS with me, Coach Devante.





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