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About Us


AXEARE is an all-encompassing wellness coaching company that takes care of hardworking, dedicated and determined humans, as well as the loved ones in their families. From taking control of their client's nutrition to training and optimizing their hormone profiles, as well as mindset where needed. AXEARE works to instill our core values of a healthy mind and body, relationships, authenticity and always doing something you love in life. Integrating this all into their clients will provide them with what can only be described as a learning experience that not only changed their life but the lives of those around them.


Our Story

The all encompassing solution.

The biggest problem that impacts those who truly want to take the step to better themselves is the resistance, the barrier of entry they must complete and or overcome in order to start the process. AXEARE works to provide the least path of resistance for each and every individual who comes into contact with our company and our brand. By Identifying which factors of health & wellness matter most to the individual, we create a plan specific for our clients in order to simplify the long-term never-ending pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves they can be. From nutrition, to mindset, to strength training, all the way up to hormones and so much more, we simplify what becomes lost under the scope to so many people who decide to start their self improvement journey. We work to empower the masses by providing them the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest. We work for the youngsters, the parents out there working hard, the humans who have ever felt unseen, unheard, and forgotten. We are the final step. We are the all encompassing solution. We. Are. AXEARE.

Meet The Team

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