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What We Do

What Do We Do?

We can assist you in


Whether for performance, weight loss, muscle gain, or overall health, our nutrition is at the center. Our coaches will ensure you do not get just some diet plan but truly understand what your body needs, the food you are eating and why.


You may have tried over and over to reach a goal or simply have wanted to start but never did. Well, mindset is at the forefront of that, but it isn't just about positive self-talk. It also involves scientific ways of re-wiring the brain & our coaches are here to help you do just that.


To be well-rounded, no matter if the goal is performance or weight loss strength is a must. Now the strength needed depends on the individual and changes over time. Our coaches are ready to ensure you continuously hit strength goals.

Health For All

We ALL deserve to experience and know how to feel and perform our best in life. The main focus of our coaches is to make health, priority number 1 to ensure you are reaching goals that will stick for life. Our coaches are here to make sure your personalized fitness program is always at the forefront of health.


Hormones is such a buzzy and to most, a unknown territory. That is just fine. Our coaches will ensure you have all lifestyle, nutrition and training needs in check so that you have the best chance at a balanced hormone profile.


Athlete, shift worker, stay at home mom or doctor, we all need to able to perform our best. Our coaches are ready to show you how you can do that day to day.

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Meet Coach Devante

Head Wellness & Sports Performance Coach

From a young skateboarder to the military, to now being a coach/personal trainer for the past 7 years, my goal has always been to bring joy to the lives of those around me. 


My wellness coaching & sports performance journey started due to my own trials and tribulations. One that really changed everything was when I got so injured in the military, I couldn't even pick up my son who was only 1 years old at the time. Long story short, I blew out my SI joint and was now bone on bone. 


After rounds of shots, therapy, and even acupuncture, I was now non-deployable, and off I was. 20 years old, a wife, and a 1-year-old son I had to provide for with no plan. What did I do? Found the most pivotal thing in my life. My functional medicine doctor.





Meet Coach Devante


The All-Encompassing Solution

AXEARE works to provide the least path of resistance for each and every individual who comes into contact with our company and our brand. By Identifying which factors of health & wellness matter most to the individual, we create a plan specific for our clients in order to simplify the long-term never-ending pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves they can be.


“My kids have been training with Devante for a while. They’ve been learning tons about physical conditioning, exercise specific to skateboarding and fitness in general. They love the personalized programs and I love seeing them be engaged and excited to stay active. Devante is great with kids and really tailors each program to their individual needs and levels. He’s passionate about what he does and I highly recommend him if you’re interested in personalized physical training.”

— James Masten

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